Additional information from me and my friends

So like we saw with the end of the great war last century was they still have to go. It turns out last time it was the break up of the middle East and then an global pandemic followed by the roaring twenties then all the madness with world war II. It becomes incredibly questionable when you wonder how did the war get started between China and Japan last time?

And as you can tell those who remember the past are doomed to repeat it. You would imagine all of this zenophobia goes on for a few decades before war breaks out over something crazy! Who knows now? The break up of the Soviet Union in the United States and the socialization of America is astonishing! I am so rich that it will be imposible to pay me what I am worth! That cannot be true if my property is no longer mine, what about yours? When my dad told me I own half of Amazon I believed him because he had already been running around the house telling everyone about it flying back and forth between Seattle and finally announcing he was going to buy it that day! Now look at me, he told me when he gave it to me but I can never sell it! And I believe him, I think it is important to help the people of America but not until it shares me out!