Afghan refugees do not need to go home but they may not stay here.

They did not ruin America and did not come back as homeless losers

Afghan refugees do not need to go home but they may not stay here. It is true that changing the laws for gulf war and Iraq war is good and signals Democracy in action. It is a bad idea to bring in millions of middleeastern refugees from Afghanistan they will be Iranian with Mexican horde. Look at the Vietnam war of the 1960s when America left Saigon they must have brought back millions of Asians from the region with them. There was an pandemic of homeless veterans and the country was flooded with Chinese. Look at America today it is possible to trace the anti-asian violence and black shit to the influx of Jews and Asians with returning soldiers after the end of the conflict in the 1970s. I think American Indians are the biggest scourge facing the country today. The whole point of the war was the hunt for bin laden following and the end of Taliban rule following the terrible terror attacks on the NYC world trade center of 9/11.

Alright you guys if all those Muslims come back over after the war is over just like Asians and Jews after Vietnam that whole black thing could get so bad it turns into a full blown crusade lazy lazy lazy hazy hazy hazy

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