As we go ahead with this quest for altruism

as we go ahead with this quest for altruism and one of the things the Persistence of memory maybe one of the things that I’m really upset about is the damn buggy nose it’s fighting with a baby the whole time I realized it in my entire life has been handicapped and it’s getting progressively worse and I don’t mean blind for life on LSD and shrooms it’s so you have parents okay you have teachers you have to learn rules obviously if you follow the rules to do a lot better you end up in the real world you end up with like a girlfriend or boyfriend who is even worse becomes progressively worse I’m even if it’s not the same person the end up with children who of course you don’t even know you don’t even recognize and won’t leave you alone I’m so really the whole thing is you know there’s no justice and there’s no satisfaction. I’m going to keep going because I’m really enjoying this right now let’s see here the the group who is running around doing something like sputum clearance is really serious whatever was controlling at was essentially an octopus right? it was you know how many hand Beast like a puppet master the whole thing as you look at these games you have Sid Meier with SimCity The Sims and the game civilization. Eventually the whole thing is very similar.

If we could ever admit that it’s ad nauseam ad infinitum it’s it’s Relentless it’s Shameless I’m. What’s the whole point who knows it’s supposed to be good until you actually see that it’s clearly awful so it’s about clones it’s about how you control the Clone and how safe is a clone is the Clone okay to have?

I’m one of the things that were one of the things that we’re talking about is called Ken cuz that’s what it’ll be called in the future if you have kin you would expect it to sort of be like a slave soda legalized playing a cloning you would have to go back and legalized slavery. How safe is the slave? And this isn’t just you know do you have to keep the slave in Chains? It’s is the slave bad for your sputum? the point is that it’s slaves who do the sputum so the slaves technically should be there for the slaves should be good for the sputum so you need before you legalize cloning and go back to slavery you need to be able to control the slaves mind I meet with a remote control with an order or command with a stern look otherwise you need to Simply control its body as you heard with chains and ropes in discipline you would have to whip it you have to teach the Clones you have to teach the slaves to all this comes with robots wouldn’t are robots easier? This is really interesting about the robot on because how do you control the robots mind where does the robot have to go what is the robot for all these questions?

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