Chablis in the land of childhood memories

you’re right here we go again woohoo!!! Rome was not burned during the day.

So very long story

then towards the end of take us to your leader I simply or whoever that guy is because he appears to be very important as you can tell from the story. Dark Vortex appears that cam and takes Chablis who is then still a flea into another realm again through her she grabs Chablis by his hand and pulls him towards her as he is sucked into her like a dark black hole, deeper and deeper. Chablis comes through later on he realizes that he’s in water on a beach playing basically as a child is the waves are splashing on his feet. It’s a beautiful summer day who knows his mother picks him up and takes them back to the sand the sand is drying he can feel it he’s there all day he’s a child now again back on Earth getting back in the minivan and driving home he sits in the way back looking out the back window at their station wagon. Driving back to their house there’s summer house they have near the shore. He has been transported back to the land of childhood memories. Later on after that he is a baby reborn in this land that he might not understand he is reading and Roger Zantar and he grows up there. He grows up his name is Rodger. He’s lived there his whole life nothing out of the ordinary happens he reads a little bit T right he watches TV is sort of a carpenter you sort of lice Construction he lives in the house there’s a city there there’s a whole pig farm and everything like that it’s sort of a weird Ville, he has the basement beneath his house where he has a little hole that he’s been digging he is started building a bunker. He’s a miner, and he’s doing well for himself. It turns out that underneath this world he lives in there is a very weird dynamic with the political economy.

he hears on the radio what you listen to he has a record player hifine that he uses and he listens to the radio there was recently an election, and who knows you knows there’s a you know what it was for the president and everything. He later finds out that the world is not as it appears that there is an otherworldly realm involving enchantment and crafting and brewing potions there is essentially an Alchemy using a mineral that he later finds beneath the surface maybe in the movie that is red that is redstone that he is able to use as electricity to power his mind car that he’s using.