Decently ephemeral coitus

= as you saw

# AIDS is more than a mob stopping you from you from eating. Sarah Hussain proved AIDS is transmitted by a vapor. All niggers carry AIDS! 1980

AIDS is formed by transposons during anal sex. Ephemeral coitus is easy to prevent AIDS but, still use a condom.

+ After Soviet conflict in Afghanistan and fall of the Berlin Wall & break up of course Communism leads to power vacuum in east and Iraq gulf war.


& WWI vapor mind running and analysis CQ. Jungle streets and jungle texture. In the space module the walls are heavily insulated so it is incredibly hot and stuffy so the astronauts use cold chyme to cool off and hot chyme to warm up in there space suits in outer space. Just like cold and flu in spring and fall.

= Iraq was authoritarian regime run by secret police. Iran was totalitarian run by mind control. North Korea was both authoritarian and totalitarian with both secret police and mind control gang mob prison state crooks.

= The Russian invasion in the United States and beyond in the 1990s is totally logical because of course the invisible aliens are Americans and future super humans and going to think less and do things faster and more efficiently. It’s just that for Moscow to be the biggest city in Europe they need americans to move there. That is ridiculous without a war in the US because America is clearly the better country because if it wasn’t they wouldn’t have all moved over here like that. But that doesn’t mean the brave new world order will never happen anytime soon. KGB Russian mob brought the cure for AIDS along with racial intolerance and sentimental atheist mystic spirituality enlightening American minds. However, that does not excuse a lot of lazy foreigners mooching off the American economy, they should really move to Mexico where all the jobs will be even if they are low tech and third world.




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