Dinosaur dimensions

So what’s going on with the cartoon time well we have a very long story called take us to your leader. Take us to your leader is about a fantastic Universe fantastic Galaxy they’re a bunch of stories it’s about a planet inhabited by dinosaurs that come from Mars they live on this planet they live on earth they are drafted to the Martian environment this is low gravity and low atmosphere on Earth there’s a high gravity and heavy atmosphere. Vega one as drones they wear a cybernetic enhancements like helmets and using their computers and their server architecture they create the human clone these humans inherit Earth as their domain and under their charge is essentially a super race of clones controlled by server architecture deep within the Earth’s surface and on Moon the rest of humanity is allowed to respond to the planet and conditions as cavemen and Paleolithic humans. There are robots who are with the dinosaurs and help them set up their computer server when positioning the humans on Earth. The dinosaurs end up moving their mind into oil wells under the Earth’s surface someday the hope is these oil wells and the computer mind they host will be back Among Us on Earth they are now aliens are here and have discovered servers here and I getting involved as the entire planet is Shifting again.

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