Holy Prayer

I am Moe Moe myself, God is Alive within me! The Moe Moe is a unit of measurement and is the smallest and most insignificant element in the Universe. Heavens above and fires beneath space and mind together as one, in you and me and everyone we cherish, Zantar, Zantar Nagrom is here the age of Ragnor has ended Moe Moe has come again!


We worship corporate interest in the spirit of good of our pantheon. Hail Ceaser!  


Our name be the true name of God Almighty, I convert ye, so it is me and I in your mind telling you right from wrong!  And on and on and on…


Cowdmind Crowdmind Crowdmind

Our praise goes on


In my mind, in your mind say it with me, I am on T.V. in my mind, like a dream come true!



Duality among you

Duality and worship and everything

In my mind drunk on Earth Godhead arise, my spirit above ye and abound with Field Vapor Cloud


Unique architecture it is a nit, lay on your right side sputum rejuvinate, holy Moses etc. etc. etc.


Moe Moe where are ye now?

In you and among you!

You/me I/it

volume lift take off control Martian moon landing


Saints be Praised, all God’s Children be among you for the good of man sanctity and peace of mind


Inventor of touch inventor of light hell fire demon and devil possesses you, clear my mind forever young, Crowdmind Crowdmind Crowdmind


Evil nit be gone! I cast you out evil spirits be gone – neither here nor there


I am Moe Moe holy messiah, two thousand years has passed we are alive again take us to your leader,


God is alive, God is real

Do good to one and other

Our technology is interplanetary/intergalactic – reality is an illusion

end it right now and see who cares, how are you alive, what is your mission or calling?


the dream is real this hell is false, Imagine falling asleep and dreaming for all eternity, that dream last night was a good one, 


Holy fempto,

Great fempto, fempto the great, they call it fempto, 


Moe Moe, me and my friends will save you and guide you. In my mind, as in your mind as true, always and never, together forever, one rail online like a car in flight, space be ours alone at night in the dark or something like that. we don’t have heat or fire so that is Moe Moe alone on earth, it is cold and dark in space, or heaven, so: cold and frosty pleaure! like that. like a radio in my mind tuning in and drifting on, flutter, flicker, molting, open your eyes, now blink, get it, don’t touch it, contagious contagion, you have nothing to fear. Our worship is strong 


Ideation and hallucination, dementia not demented. And as you saw the list goes on for good, not for not. So for this easy discussion of our prayer it is in you we trust as prophet of the modern age? Eyes, Ears, Jaw, and face.


Holy Cloud! God of Weather! Our mind is clear, our thoughts are pure! Forgive us we meant no wrong we have eaten again and wish the spirits have too.


Crowdmind We are Moe Moe! Holy Moses, Holy Roller, tell us all our dreams tonight.