Illuminati trilogy

So this is the official story of the first time I took LSD. Griffin and his mom were renting the camp for the winter. This was back during the Bill Clinton administration in 1995, it was around early December 1995 if I remember. Maggie had just brken up with her boyfriend Chris who was a friends with, so anyway Chris Lynn and I got a ride for my mom up to a party in OB. I didn’t know that they had broken up and it probably didn’t matter when we got there we had to Rendezvous with whoever it was who would want us alcohol I was getting a six pack Maggie was also getting beer and she gone apparently a quart of rum from someone else. It was cool I was a junior in high school so I got two hits of LSD for ten bucks from a guy I know. It was a cute little cottage in the campgrounds near Ocean Park. But I was you. I was wandering around looking for someone to talk to, I had finished my beer I couldn’t find the people I come with and it really hadn’t turned into a big party at it was basically the one room with the bed as the main room and then there was a living room that had also filled up with people. I went back outside and so my sister Maggie talking to Keith. She had the court of Captain Morgans in her hand and I asked her for some and she gave it to me. I took a sip of the rum, and felt instantly nauseous. I hopped up the stairs ran across the porch and through the house into the bathroom well I threw up into the toilet. It was relatively painless I’m really no mess I flush the toilet I stood up I turned around and Joe was right there in my face. He started yelling at me he said I was making a mess he said I shouldn’t be doing that in the bathroom there was indeed, a drop of puke on the newspaper that was on the floor that was covering up the floor of the bathroom there was a drop of proof it had gone on it but I really got most of it into the toilet. Joe who is probably Matt was probably my age is probably my age was about a head shorter and probably about a hundred pounds heavier he played hockey but was off the team for some reason probably for some sort of Probation and he was a tough kids who I sort of knew. He punched me right in the face with his right hand and then ask me what it happened he said what happened how did you just get hit? I was a little upset my friends Lynn and Chris I don’t know that well but probably would have helped me except like I said it was Joe, so I started to cry and I covered my eyes and I ran out of the bathroom and out of the party, which had just really filled up with a bunch of older kids who aren’t even in high school anymore. My sister was down with Keith where they were and she wanted to know what happened and I told her that I had just thrown up in the bathroom. He said that I should have done it out there like he did. He said he just thrown up and pointed to some puke near them in the grass, it was fluorescent pink. I thought what an idiot, what are they talking about the dumbest group of people I’ve ever seen. Thanking my stars that I had obviously not taking the LSD out it had the two hits of Illuminati in of the cigarette Cellophane in my breast pocket. What is a terrible story like I said, I’m not Jewish I didn’t cry, I had to wait for Lynn and Chris to come and collect me and then we hitchhiked back to my house. It was one punch to my face is so like I said I’m okay in the stories I cried and of course I did I burst into tears and ran I cried and ran so I started crying when he punched me and I ran out of the room for some reason I didn’t fight with him?

The rest of the story here included here is my speculation. I have never heard anything from anyone up until this point, the truth is obviously I never saw Keys again and I never saw Griffin again. After I left Maggie looked and walked around to check if I was there or not, she said is he still here? Anna it was still dating Griffin up the time walks over and her quads chewing gum and says yeah he left why you want to drop acid? Where’s the whiskey?

Maggie says I got the rum, just a f*** with him in case it’s okay.

Well it looks like he’s gone now!

he’s crying look they’re walking away Morrow points out the window as they’re walking towards the Ocean Drive and Beach Road back towards it back towards the town I come from. Maggie produces a quart of rum and Anna snatches out of her hand and says give it to me! Is it all taken care of?

yeah, Maggie says I put it in and everything that’s what happened right? Look at work. in a Snickers and brings her into the other room which is very full but there’s a corner where they can get their business done. Griffin the host comes out with a silver tray with the little with sugar cubes of LSD on it and Begins the passage LSD and had already waived him that there was really no reason to wait if Maggie’s older brother was leaving in tears. as we see by now Griffin and Keith both know Maggie and Anna and put if a ipecac into the rum.

LSD and ipecac part 2


  • Joe pukes all over the bathroom
  • Keith and Griffin are both Eaten
  • It turns out that Keith and Griffin both knew that there was a mechanic in the bottle of rum
  • Everyone is taking the LSD and eventually there is a bottle of rum laying around and so they start drinking it
  • There’s an argument about what happened before because they are all throwing up in the bathroom obviously
  • Jsy ends up going to jail for it. The LSD is from his cousin who is living with him now from Florida.
  • they said they should have called the police as soon as they started eating them.
  • Of course the LSD was contagious there was a problem where they were all sick now they were all throwing up clearly very Pagan, very Roman, a real orgy, with a vomitorium. Very mature
  • Griffin was beheaded in the bathroom in between the bathroom and the main room. They were trying to get him into the bathroom just to see, because someone was already down. Their head was in the toilet because it had already been clogged with a poop from someone at the party. He was in the doorway with his arms stretched out trying to stop them from pushing him into the bathroom. Someone else had to close the door on his dick which is how they ended up chopping his head off when they found out that he knew that they had already poisoned everything.
  • Keith was noticeably upset when he saw they had killed Griffin. Someone must have suspected he was going to tell someone and so they had to get rid of him as well. the decision to get rid of him must have come when they were trying to figure out how the people there knew there was something wrong with the rum yet they had not told a single person not to drink it.
  • Again Jesus shot in the stomach with a shotgun, that someone at the party had in their car and their vehicle.
  • So like I said they were all field hockey girlsoh, this is what the world is like, they do the if they cannot go until they have a real tolerance to it and of course it’s psychoactive like alcohol.
  • Many of the girls there were raped in a in a real orgy fashion style oh, I believe my sister was held there for a week after the party as a lay down whore essentially tied up being gratified eventually.Β 


she came out of it fine with the number of people there who knows what happened it becomes a terrible psychic tragedy as you can tell this your mention anyone related to Keith or Griffin I found out that I’m with Keith in a way that I have to get now too soon but again Griffin is evil not simply that they died not simply that it was a tragic murder but as something that happened there at that house it was the house they were in it was making them all throw up it was as you heard of poverty, it was making them all sick. It was contagious some of it was caused by witches who were there with a potion that there was clearly some way that they were controlling it but no one understood until all of it was gone. And that wasn’t there was no more throwing up or anything they finish the room no one could figure out what was going on my anyone who would tasted it and thrown up man murdered everyone And they were cooking the people outside on the lawn or Keith it already told me to throw up. That was the whole point I had thrown up earlier. Keith explained yes but he had thrown up as well, throwing up first just so everyone knew. And again as you see it turns into a barbecue on the lawn outside the house.

So this is the story of when I took the half a hit of LSD. So I had just bought the two hits from Ben that’s really cool they were two little squares and white paper with half of an Illuminati pyramid like on the back of a dollar bill but it was a cartoon, it was a basic green triangle with a big eye above it right where the paper split like halfway through the eye and its mouth was open and its tongue was sticking out. And so of course lamp told me to wake up in the morning and take it take all of it and then try to go back to sleep and then wait and then you wake up and so the whole point is you then wake up tripping and like that’s basically how cool the day is get it,?. I have been reading a lot about LSDoh, and I really wanted to try it and so I was really excited. I didn’t really like the kids I was with we took the road back, we took Beach Road back and hitchhiked back to the town I come from and I went back to my house where we took the acid. Lynn took one of the hits and then Chris and I split the other one. it was cool like I said I had tried nutmeg and Dramamine, and cough medicine, smoke marijuana with your own really a lot like LSD at least at the dose that I was taking.


The sociology was really no big deal, when of course was kind of crazy so he put on a Ziggy Marley CD and found a song that he liked, and put the song on repeat. So the song was playing in my room until the next day. At one point we were sitting around and then wanted to go for a walk get it? well getting ready I was putting my jacket on and as I was spinning around putting my jacket on my dad knocks on the door and comes in in his underwear, the way he used to when I was a child. Indeed he has been doing this my entire life. In a white T-shirt and white tighty whitey underwear. Very serious he wanted us, to turn the music down he said it was too loud. We turn the music down we waited for him to go back downstairs to bed, and then we went outside. So we went outside and went down to the woods behind my house and went for a walk down there we got pretty deep into the woods I’m just cuz the right near my house so I knew where we were and Chris is actually from the area as well, and like I said he grew up there so he knows the woods there really well. These are the woods behind the graveyard. and so we started walking around on the trail and Lynn started talking about how we could feel the chemical in him like he said, I agree it does feel electric I did feel really electric I did feel as though I had electricity coursing through my veins so every cell in my body was lying with energy. He wanted to do something spiritual that he admitted he had already told me about, I didn’t really understand but he wanted time alone and you wanted privacy so Chris of course didn’t know what he was talking about, what when men but we laughed we left them there in the woods. We went back and hand to go we were standing in the middle of the road to this is across the street from my house and Chris ran into Lucas’s house and grab some cigarettes while he was sleeping. this is Lucas, the guy who owes me two hundred bucks for an ounce of weed from 2 years ago. Who is now moved in to some house across the street from me. And again I haven’t seen him 4 years before this. We then went back to my house. we’re upstairs in my room the music was still playing, which was kind of weird wind came back, good for him he was able to find his way out of the woods alone of course we had had a problem with that and back to the house good for him! We all sort of found our own spawn I’m going up to the Loft and sat in my bean bag chair and stared and a poster of Jack Nicholson from The Shining that my sister gave me for Christmas one year. From where I was sitting it was on the pitched roof and the Dormer and upside down so I was looking at this poster of Jack Nicholson that was upside down and it’s right as his face comes through the door it was that famous photo photo where he put the axe through the door and then sticks is face up to the hole in The Shining the movie. The Shining by Stephen King.

It was really weird looking at Stephen King shining Jack Nicholson poster, of course you know what the black and white photo at the blank of my poster I must have had a black light on or something or there was light on cuz it was obviously pink and blue some yellows and greens are really pink and blue there was a pink dragon and a blue dragon and they were fighting with each other and their mouths were locked and the red dragon’s head would swallow the blue one and then they would come back and their mouths would be locked and then the blue one would swallow the red one. And thank heavens, it happened again it was so excellent! It continued back and forth for several times so I got to see it again cuz it was cool I had to like switch my eyes to see it like I was staring at it and saw the hallucination and then my eyes focused again and I couldn’t see it so it was just like a fuzzy gestalt psychology.

so I sat there for a while you know the other guys were downstairs sleeping on the couch or something, they were on the floor I think they decided to sleep on the floor.. I must have slept down there I slept and then I woke up so I must have if I think I remember I was sleeping downstairs actually and I had like my I was awake suddenly and my eyes were closed and it was like letterbox there were stars that were in a rectangle or round where my two eyes are with my eyes closed it was cool is like a movie animation or something like that the whole thing must be done by computers is true. I walk down downtown the other guys were still sleeping but the sun was up so I went downtown and went to the cafe and got a coffee from Matt where he worked at the cafe down there. I went down there and got a coffee and got some hazelnut extract that they put in my coffee, I never tried it before maybe I’ll drink the coffee walk back up to my house I felt really mature you know like going to the cafe and drinking coffee like a real a real teenager like a real adult sort of the coffee didn’t taste that good but I felt all right I think I had to give everyone a ride home so I went back and they were there they need to get cigarettes so they needed to go back up to the other part of the island, so it turned out to be kind of boring no reflection you know everyone and it’s that the house must have burned down in the other town where the party was there must have been an enormous emergency they are where everyone had Mass hysteria and thought they were sick so they slowly had to go to the hospital and admit the Griffin had done it and he was gone and they haven’t seen him already but they felt awful so they all had to have their stomachs pumped is like weeks later they haven’t eaten anything they don’t know what to do they’ve all heard the story there was ipecac in the coffee it was ipecac in the whiskey and they were mixing in the whiskey with water or something it was her whiskey and there was no reason for anyone else to drink it and they knew it. No way I don’t think that really makes sense, apparently as you’ve heard this is when they had to rebuild Maggie and hold up the whole game with that hold up the whole universe I’m am so it’s a really long story too but anyway there you go that’s the whole thing for now okay bye. πŸ˜™πŸŽ„βš‘πŸ˜—πŸŽ€πŸ¨πŸ˜™πŸŽ„


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