Monkey server

Here’s a new introduction to Monkey server for you, I wanted to put it up there just so everyone could see it like there’s an eye there. This is sort of like the enormous transcendental eye of the Enlightenment. You can see it’s not just one eye looking but many. There is even an extra eye you see, that’s looking in a different direction and then it straightens out, I was thinking about doing these again. I think they’re really interesting you can see that there’s a rocket there’s an I that is now in a mobile device that’s talking about Rockets and the Rockets are going to take off there beaming in from a transcendental plane, transcendental Universe it’s another dimension it’s a Transit it’s a trans dimension.

Thinking about how the eye would fit in where the retina is, you would want to know wouldn’t you? Do you use a human eye with a robot computer or robot eye with a human computer? Of course they both work now! Use them both, as you wish. Here in this case were using either or. what is you can see whatever it is is talking to us it’s computerized. You can tell. They are going to be plugged into this monkey skull at some point that must be what it looks like, but the rocket is blasting off the rocket a thing of the future.

The humans are building a robot City, and they would like it to stay that way. But when they blast off and leave for the farthest reaches of the Moon they’re going to leave monkeys in control of the robots. There will be robots here running the city keeping it clean making sure everything’s running well! The edge of the world, edge of the universe. Who do you think is going to be in charge of the robots? Obviously it is going to be monkeys. And who will be in charge of the monkeys? Obviously someone right? Well I’ll say I’ll stick around and make sure that the monkeys are okay one of the dogs said and raised its paw. It was then agreed, the dogs would stay on Earth as well. Pioneer space perhaps but they would be left in charge of the monkeys alone.

One day one of the monkeys walked into the room and sees it’s a big glowing red box full of computers. That’s about it. It’s a brand new one what else to do well when you think about it? When you think about the eye oh, you want to wonder what is going on with that? How does the world work how is it still so soft and moist and Squishy? Does the retina think for itself? Oh yeah I think it does! There are a lot of things including the eye it just goes up there with the Ocularum, the dreams running on the eye the eyelash the real world of Krypton cryptography cryptome encryption crypto, all that stuff! So how do they keep the world encrypted? Well it’s really a big circuit, I mean Secret. There’s more to say there’s more than I’ll have to talk about so that’s about it for now I hope you enjoy the show!