More fake news by yours truly, pure speculation: Happy Easter everyone πŸ₯🐣🍑🍬🍑🎊🍑🍫πŸ₯🍭🚚 Kinder surprise

One time when I came back from college my Mom said there was a box of chocolates my Dad brought back from Holland he had been there earlier at the Brandenburg book fair proposing DOI. He started a new company called Kinder pronounced link in kindergarten not kinder like kind bud! It’s awesome they have little toys inside. Now I think I own Uber the new insider information opportunity. Anyway more later πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€πŸ¬πŸ₯🎊🍭🍑🍩🎊πŸ₯🐰🚚

Robots run the world

They were down there at the border with a ramrod and they blew through a section of the wall they must of used an IED or something? And their SUVs came crashing through I could tell it was absolutely full of them. Maybe they got the stimulus? There were some many you couldn’t see what was going on in there, who was driving?

OMG Look at me!

They are all Catholic, right? What are they gonna do go to church? They were letting the families through, refugees no doubt meaning the war there down at their southern border is heating up! As you saw it’s really not a good time the country is in the middle of deporting them all with ICE the jobs are expected to be down there in a few minutes.


So again the whole joke is now the Asian world moving here and that could be the end of it. Japan bought harlem already China is going to have to move into the sewers beneath them they can call the district the rat King after teenage mutant Ninja turtles.

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