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Those who remember the past are doomed to repeat it

For one thing I want to tell you I’m really happy and really excited to be here talking to you about this today. One of the things I’ve noticed is that I had to go for a walk today and so I went for a walk, and noticed the basically the city is pretty quiet.

dementia debate

There’s a lot of stuff I want to talk about for one thing when I wasn’t allowed to have an NES I wouldn’t like to have a Nintendo Entertainment System and that’s because it’s an Asian plot to take over America that the people are going to just be sitting there playing video games while the Asians just marched right in and took over the country.!

Of course it goes on like I said it turns out that the video games are desensitizing you with their Ultraviolence it’s point and shoot point click Point include is it almost first person video games they have Hunter whatever it is. I think that it comes out there that’s what they’re going to be doing is there going to be a down in the Southern United States down the southeast Asians are going to move in and they’re just going to have women living in public housing and they going to be raising their boys who are half black and half Japanese notas de Panthers in their cushy basements playing PlayStation.

In dank basements

They’re going to be down there at downstairs in the nice damp cool dank Sellers and they’re going to be learning how to carjack and they’re learning how to rape and had a mug and how to shoot and I’ll drive cars and everything and there’s your Panthers and they’re just waiting to come out and start fighting they’re going to be carjacking they’re going to be smoking freebase cocaine and we smoking crack and it’s going to be absolute chaos because of what the Asian in 20 is there going to be down beneath the ground eating dirt eating bugs writhing just with their children Heathen spirits. As you can tell they have a tunnel system that it’s not just a Chinatown it’s not just an Asian neighborhood it’s just not a market or bookies or massage or anything like that even a bar do they have tunnels and they have an entire network of people I’m a long history in the country of being up to no good.

Especially with all their hijinks and so it’s going to be a real problem they’re going to find out their gas Chambers they gassing everyone there honestly it’s civil unrest obviously it’s been a long time, no one really knew what was going to happen. Are the games wrong no no no are the games to blame absolutely not other games the future will will have to let the people decide will let history decide whose fault it is and what’s actually happening with it in the weather there fighting whether they have a deep subculture that nobody understands how deep does their gang run who are these people and what do they think they’re talking about what you would expect it to finally come out as America has been here for 300 years it’s close to 250 is true and that is really coming soon and so we’re basically here and we’re basically digging more days Paisley trying to figure out what’s actually going to be happening with the world right now,? And I want to know that.! So as gay as we start gaming and as we look into these games and as you think about TV rots your brain you’re getting cancer from your cell phone the movies or the lighting is bad for their eyes the internet is wrong the Wi-Fi and all the cellular stuff just don’t forget I warned you don’t say I didn’t tell you so okay alright and there’s more coming to cuz like we said winning like we said jackpot like we say here we go

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