Part IV

Yes yes yes so there’s a bunch of things, right?

So where was I? Ah yes back to the story. She believed the flea was in Dire Straits the ribbon had passed right through his hands if only there were some way to hold on to it or even follow it maybe it would take him home or somewhere else maybe anywhere would be better than here just floating he was freezing he was numb, he didn’t know what was going to happen he didn’t know what he was, what would he do? Where would he go? Why him?

The alien had a long pointy nose and big floppy ears like a caricature of someone famous in the office where he had come from in the land where he had lived. he had hair to the curled in some places and was straight and others not quite kinky not quite greasy but not that unusual. And his skin if anything was round he’s not sure what to call it it’s as if it was metallic as if it was soft and shiny still changing colors the entire time one color this time green at one point and then gold and then yellow and then finally a crimson red to turn into a pale yellow but he could see right through Undisputed beneath erase that has hand to touch him real enough you felt rubbing his thumb on the creases of his hand. So you’re here he asked? What are you doing how are you real everything else is passing through my fingers, and yet here you are real enough?

like I know the alien said yeah I’d tell you if I knew, what makes you think I’m different from you what makes? What makes you think I’m different from everything around you? What makes you think I know? Who are you by the way you’re looking at Rochas you have six legs enormous antenna you’re you’re horrible look at how big your hind legs are are those wings you called those stubby things away if you jumped maybe you could fly but probably not very long, you probably don’t even molt you must be carrying a contagious disease and yet here you are asking me questions?

I’ll try to answer it for you what did you want to know? Haha.

Well the banter goes on Shipley knows this the Elliott doesn’t know anyting. The alien doesn’t know that Shipley knows this but doesn’t know that. they talked and talked the intern banter it’s nothing that anyone needs to know Chablis explains that he is now a flea but he comes from a land with gravity. the alien really wants to know what it is that he’s looking for and what he wants from him in the trans dimension? I’m just leaving that he really wants to get out of there if it is that you called the trans to mention that he really wants to leave. The Iliad admits the only place to go from there is to the Moon. and if they would like it if you would like to go to the Moon they may they just need to find a hot air balloon to get there in. Chablis doesn’t understand how are they going to find anything there and he said that he ribbon made of string hit just passed by him and he had tried to grab on to it after chasing after some glowing orb it look like the sun it was going on into Infinity that he hasn’t seen again he doesn’t even know how long he’s been here for.

later on there on a sailboat the alien is on the stern waiting to Shively who is at the bow he says grab the Laird we need to hold on to this there’s a giant wave coming should we didn’t know what was going on he realize they were suddenly in water somehow they were no longer floating in space and you did not know what to do she grabbed the rope that the alien was pointing to and tugged on it as an enormous raft inflated over their heads he looked and squinted his eyes she wasn’t sure what it was realized it must be a hot air balloon of some sort there was some weird metallic Contraption beneath the large yellow vinyl inflatable craft there was a whirring sound a little red light went off and started blinking and sure enough the boat they were on pulled out of the water and sailed back into the transmission what must have been up somehow up into space up towards the Moon??? On they sell this before as if. But they were floating far away far above the surface of the water they had just been in. Chablis didn’t know how this could be possible, but on it went sailing floating on and upward Into Darkness again as he had seen before in the transmission and it all been a mirage and it all been a dream??? You saw a shiny spec for ahead right before but different knots hodgin glowing as if it could have been a star but shiny and gray perhaps an asteroid much like the moon on the world he grew up in it must be the moon craters and everything they posted at rapid speed not even slowing down but curving into the gravity not ricocheting or wrapping around it but slowly curling and twisting down into the atmosphere you can see the land beneath them suddenly worried that they were getting closer to him they were going to crash. There were strange lands that he maybe he could have imagined were on the moon but had never seen before I get a picture book. There were dinosaurs in the gray light in the grass and in the titanium mountains dinosaurs brontosaurus pterodactyls Tyrannosaurus Rex in a gray silver desert all leading up to pyramids in Egypt like in the desert pyramids a whole civilization living out here in the moon in the transmission how is it possible they’re not breathing no one’s wearing nothing they’re not wearing a spacesuit or anything there was a palace past this land they had seen obviously a different continent not actually Seas of water but deep dark crevices. He’s never believed that on the moon there are dinosaurs and pyramids.