Pyramid schemes (Jump)

This story is about a jumpship it is approaching its pyramid bunker base.

So for a warp drive or warp ship toto wo or something like that, you have to go at really high speeds like with a solar sail you can go from Earth to Pluto overnight already. So you go that fast you need to have waste tracks like a train track or you need to have some real that it’s riding on a tunnel you know it’s in a tunnel was riding along cable it’s attached to a tether something like that. Another option is that you have a ramrod in front the device like a cow catcher

the whole story is that you got to go there right so you’re going really fast you need to bounce around you obviously set your course and need a pilot you need to know exactly what you’re doing servers included I’m. You could come back with your teleportation that you would want to understand the problem is that you have to get in some cases you have to get there first for the whole thing to work so you have to get to the other end of the line to answer the phone right.? They want to do like teleportation so what this ship does this ship is as you see a pierce like a cloud and out of a donut with a thunderbolt or something like that with an explosion that turns into a Cloud 2. and there is also a glass window on it so that the driver the guys flying it can see where he’s going and people who see the ship can look into theand there the pyramid is far away from where the ship jumpsoh, and you can see as you get closer to it the door is opening and that it looks like the angle has changed actually it’s a door is still in the same place the whole time. You can see the door is like a bunker door it’s probably on like it’s a gate it’s a portcullis there’s probably a conveyor belt or something like that because it’s opening for the guy as the approaches it cuz they’re expectingYou . he’s on a radio and he’s he’s with those guys he’s one of their guys so he’s coming back from somewhere, and he calls and talks to them and lets them know that he’s approaching they just need to make sure it’s him dude, and they’re going to open the door and let him in thanks man. And it goes on those are the two videos that we did today they’re taking forever as you can tell they took all day to come up with this. The whole the whole thing is coming together though as you can tell we’re looking at about 90 minutes is what we’re actually working on for all this that’s going to be a bunch of these little videos is not awesome,??? Still working on the whole thing thanks everybody okay talk to you later bye bye. Another thing PS one of the things I was thinking about is it electricity cool?

A lot of this looks like it would be using that technology like however, which must use electricity or magnetism or something like that, or at least I think it would have? Right? I want to keep talking about princes the hover youyou would do you you would do like a drone or something like that right,? You would have to do something like an aerial drone with a propeller that flies around just over the helicopter sure cool. It wouldn’t have to use a lightning bolt you know Zeus god of thunder kind of stuff, right?!!!… I I thi are you there,? I I thi??? It would be things like a ramrod you know what they do is they put a writ they said a real gun up and then it shoots the helicopter it shoots the hover which is like a flying saucer which must have a parachute on it and so the real done launch is it I’m soI’m so we can go anyway that was about it,,, thanks a lot

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