Satellites and space Pyramid robot computers

Alright so this is the story of the robot caves! There’s a little guy in a movable tank and he’s inside a bunker and he has a meeting to go to with an enormous computer that’s deep underground it’s deeper and deeper than he’s ever been before and there’s an elevator that goes all the way down there. It takes awhile to get down there he sits in his car it’s rotating from one side to the other. it keeps going down until it drops him off on a level and he drives through deep into the cave. When he gets to the point it’s too far for his truck to go he has to get out and walk the rest of the way. If you look he’s wearing a little helmet with a little visor on it maybe he has a cape and he keeps turning his head and looking around trying to figure out what he’s going to do next.


in the Next Room there’s an enormous computer that he’s having a conversation with. He says tell me more. Tell me more. Tell me tell me tell me??? The computer says yes? The computer says of course yes of course. A little man says tell me more tell me more tell me more??? The computer just lays its answer of course as you know there is more there always more details of course there are cool and they have satellites! Satellites? The little guy there says satellites? What does he mean by satellites? At the computer more send you a man as he walks through the screen and past the guy in the room he says I will prepare. I will prepare? What does that mean? Tell me more? Tell me tell me tell me??? The computer that is turned into a robot that looks like a man perhaps it’s even a boy? There was an enormous I that formed over the screen as a computer as the robot more through with an eye over its face as you can tell what is it made of? It could be liquid metal? It could have printed through plastic? It could be a hologram? It could be the display screen. Flexible glass made of plastic that still interactive that speaks in here is your response it get engaged in a conversation, an argument, a dialogue.

the robot has left perhaps to go open the hangar Perhaps to unlock unlock Silo doors. It’s possible there is a robot opening the pyramid they must engage these satellites they must engage these minions they must engage these enemies or confrontations or whoever these arguments errors are! Who knows who they are another server another base? The guy comes out of the office with the computer screen there and goes back towards his car. He needs to fiddle with his helmet to fix his escape and climbs back into his vehicle to leave the deep underground vast Caverns that he is just met with his server in side deep deeper and deeper winding Caverns. the guy in the truck drives out they drive past the bunker that they were already driving through orange and yellow concrete narrow corridors Elgin to a vast opening Canyon until he finds his elevator again and approaches it begins to rise back up towards the surface. The elevator carries his little car with the little guy in it as it twists and turns to find the next level that it’s going to return the vehicle too.

As a truck comes out it approaches the silo Hangar bay door. The robot has prepared the pyramid for the little truck and the man in it to launch their missiles. They have a mobile missile launcher did must prepare the most ready itself raising its guns. little Rockets with tiny little explosions blast out from the guns in the Cannons on this truck. Exploding into space launching Rockets deep towards their targets.

High above the surface in orbit over the pyramid there is a spy satellite weather radar detecting all movements below it. The satellite with the enormous detector census the oncoming missiles! they’re in motions to another satellite all controlled by servers all controlled by robots all controlled by little robots and little batteries and little computers and little servos and little antenna.

The other satellite comes near it to find the coordinates of its Target. The enormous space Cannon carries a railgun. the rail-gun spins magnet reversing the polarity and launching the projectile near the speed of light down to its Target.


that’s the end of this episode that was crowned mind we’re reminding you all of crowd mine 2020 crowd mind XYZ it’s going to be absolutely amazing we’re still working on a bunch of things as you see we have walkthrough is coming along we have four sections Within walkthrough including walkthrough itself where Andromeda appears to be confused and is learning her way around a new world. Hampstead joins Andromeda who is just landed on a new world with Rogers Zantar who is perplexed by rapidly amounting confusing aspects of the daily world around him is it real is it a virtual simulation is it just a game? There is another level here called top-secret where Roger in turn has transformed himself into Zantar the alien mind gone! finally we have the Andromeda section where Andromeda herself is learning to fly she has discovered the world beneath her at the whim of her fingertips more than her meddling mind and ever imagined possible! And there are many creatures inhabiting this world that she finds herself in that are perhaps misleading and indeed incredibly dangerous zombies!