Take us to your leader as well


So the Story begins with Chablis in the trans dimension. Ashley has met the alien he’s lost in the transmission. Dark Vortex is appeared in his cubicle and transported him to the transmission where he has been turned into a flea. I should be his lost where is he going to go the transmission is a lot like space he’s trying she’s floating there’s nothing there there’s no ground there’s no surface around him it’s weird there is visceral matter like Blobs of jelly there’s exoplasm ribbons or some sort of weird string like angel hair or cobweb or silk or something like that string that’s ethereal but he tried to grab onto but it slipped through his hands and out of control there was a bright blinding light he put his hand up in front of his eyes all the sudden everything around him was dark again he wondered to himself what was that light is he really on Earth it was like being underwater he tried swimming in the direction of where that light was wondering if it was the Sun he tried going for longer than he could imagine not knowing it could have been all day most likely it must have been hours in One Direction he thought the defense. He thought that it was that listen it would have to come back so we continue to do and what he thought was the same direction for what must have been ages but really, probably all day. He finally stopped there floating not even sure where he had to come from or where he was going. there was nowhere to sit nowhere to lie down he tried lifting his arms up but he was so weak and so tired and so hungry he couldn’t even hold his own head. He tried weeping but his eyes we’re already so wet there was no reason to. He thought something was happening to his sputum something was completely wrong how had he come there what was he going to do what was dark Vortex doing in his life what was she doing in his cubicle? this was his new job it only been there for a year or two he hadn’t done anything wrong why had this happen to him?


He tried moaning and weeping and crying until finally a voice said what’s wrong there little fella? Jubilee looked up in astonishment to see exotic young handsome man. he had two antenna coming out of his forehead he had sharp he had a mouth full of sharp Jagged teeth it look like they had grown that way enormous eyes just staring at him not to actually unkind, but perhaps questioning. should we ask who are you the alien said it is all right I be myself who shall ask you the questions and then he laughed hahaha.

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