The dog got caught under the car and was dragging before handing out all the trouble

This is our 🐈


Later there was an attack on a pot shop a few blocks up that led to armed security dismantling most of the organization there. The liquor store was in their zone. The police put up barricades to control the protesters and use shields and tear gas and pepper spray and maybe even rubber bullets but come on unless they are all illegal aliens ruining my day they are still american democracy. Finally things settle down the police agree to let the camps stay in play and go to take the barriers down and the fight resumes to keep the walls in place. That is how chaz formed in 2020. The problem gets worse with the drugs and alcohol and food shortage they wish they could just eat everything and everyone but they are still just a bunch of illiterate lazy bums. The stores likely shut down with plywood over the windows overnight because they didn’t have a plan when they went in there. It a strip of bars there maybe they had beer? I believe they finally started raping and murdering calling for help from the police who were at the station a block away from cal anderson park.