The foreclosure episode led to the Brooklyn diaspora

The story of the Brooklyn project

Brooklyn America

The trick is they want to change the name of everything to Brooklyn. America, the continent North America and even the planet to Brooklyn. As we saw in brooklyn center Minnesota they are working hard on it. The Brooklyn underground appears to have taken over a local police precinct and renamed the section just like we saw in Seattle washington’s s Capital Hill. The section broke out into mayhem over the whole crap night saga with monkees on drugs and later occupied a six block section of celebrating protesters. They declared it an autonomous zone using all the insights and training they could handle from Iraq’s Greenzone. They claimed to be able to take care of their own group without government intervention. It was a homeless camp with tents and all just like occupy wall street 2.0. The problem started when of course these people needed food like pigs running in and out of stores looting but fearful still of rule of law.