The new drug is new again with black fungus

The bugs and fungus and humans all use viruses like the dirt great yellow balls on your skin and in your hair that now are used in marijuana and cocaine and methamphetamines and heroin dust particles like AIDS. So scientists develop viruses in a good drug lab in Asia to play a dirty trick on their neighbors to show them a thing or two.

And you can eat them too like in Africa where they grow under your skin and up your anus like a candy to suck on again forever. The virus is airborne and is designed to be carried by the host so that it looks all life on Earth to clear it out again for the N* because Asia does not know not to clear black Sputum just clear the black mask right now! The spore is like dust and floats through the atmosphere up to space and beyond as well as back down to earth and below the ocean and mantle crust.

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