The slow food movement is like a hot crap on your plate that you are force fed and do not want to eat even though you are hungry but maybe not

Slow food is consumption for people who think you do not like to live in America because you are jealous of the personal freedom their and way of life.

Consumption and consumers eat shit and die all the time all over the world all the live long day

It might have come from vegan and raw foodist after raiding the animal experiment laboratory and freeing all the test subjects and fleeing back to Mexico and Canada to starve in a barn with dying animals and prostitutes.

Spit it out eat and drool 😲

I remember being vegan and my ex girlfriend at the time often remarked that she would rather eat people than animals. So because of overpopulation and reinvestment it is easier to clear sputum and call it AIDS. In the case of slow food you are encouraged to remember all of the starving people in China and think about how much everyone needs to go away forever.

It is a circus family with trained animals like birds and squirrels in bicycles running around throwing up dust. They needed to go through the garbage from time to time but the economy looks like it is changing.

This is Awesome πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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