The world is on fire and so are you

All shopping could be done online so the guess is they are at the store for exercise and socializing. This could be wrong, maybe the patron is homeless or needs something urgently. Whatever it is it looks like Muslim security back from the middle east is going to work for harem share for a time. This power grab involves women as leaders of Muslim nation with a gang of terrorists as their mob army. With the 9/11 20th anniversary coming up you expect lower tolerance for Muslim and Arabs at all pot shops, weed stores, and the community in general not believing they had anything to do with women in business or politics. So the battles break out where a Muslim gang is bother a white customer. And that gang is loose and reckless and misbehaving like monkeys. And of course they could respond with terror attacks, not just that America says it owes Afghanistan more than $20billion a month for the course of the war. The Americans were good people and still believe in liberty and freedom.

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