This is the new one called the sentiment of altruism

Okay so this is just a new segment that we’re going to be working on today we’re going to be talking about how awesome life is all these connected apps with Cloud shine and crowdsourcing I’m going to keep it going now I’m just to see how long this will go for what I’m doing is I just got this awesome little Stone pipe here

As you can see here I’m really enjoying myself 2020 was quite a year!


What would actually be worth talking about? What we would like to do is discover anyting new worth discussing. Right now I’m sitting here hold on dot-dot-dot ellipse… And going on and going on we want to discuss utopian ideals as well as is as the world as we see it today! Emoticon happy face. In my new pipe I have a terrific cash Max I’ve toasted wax zombie Kush and some of the Ameda muscaria mushroom caps that I’ve been smoking. 🍄🍄🍄 The mushroom caps are good I was surprised I found them I’m just growing there were several the size of softballs one the size of a frisbee and I picked them and dried them and then cook them in a pan and I smoke them out of a bowl and they were sort of like 5 methoxy DMT I was surprised it worked once of course I’ve been smoking them ever since so who knows if there’s a tolerance it was earthier you can imagine that these rooms must be amazing is true just because of the cultural element but definitely trippy definitely trippy I was surprised really impressed I’ll have to try it again I do.

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