Her name is Andromeda Esports launcher paragraph return so here we go so with Minecraft we’re doing Esports we’re going to be streaming our new game with Minecraft it’s called walkthrough with. With walkthrough we come out with two characters Andromeda is the green alien who shall become dark for attacks. Vortex dark vortex Sochi as we saw has come to Earth in a capsule there’s civilization here so she’s not colonizing or anything if anything she’s here to metal but you could have proprietary technology they she’s clearly involved in sputum clearance and we’re going to watch her play Minecraft. the other one involves a town called Hampstead this is all in our Realms too. Rodger also known as antar lives in a town called Hampstead. I’m going to watch zantar of write a book and live into town and mine and do a bunch of stuff underground as well the cartoon should keep coming we want you to go to http://www.morgancburns.com/books cuz we’ll be able to keep getting books there that was fun doing the giveaways for the holiday season will see if we have anything else coming along line I’m really enjoying this as well!

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