You didn’t care then?

One of the things I don’t like about this is the level of b**** I’m dealing with I’m constantly having something hung over my head that of course isn’t true but isn’t real to make me hate someone did constantly understand that in the future there are no people there no families there are no relationships apparently no responsibilities there’s no gangs there’s no groups moving into the future. So when you go to space and moving into space you’re not bringing people with you it’s too expensive there isn’t enough of anything food or water or heats or light. you would of course stay in orbit where your riches are right in front of you and there of course space is more likely more is more likely more crowded than Earth I’m where they are packed like sardines. so there’s this constant b**** about you know they don’t owe you anything they don’t need to give you money they don’t need to help you take care of your sputum they don’t need to offer you protection they don’t need to give you inundation. This whole b**** about don’t you remember when you didn’t care about that person then? You didn’t care then? You don’t even care now? Do you have to keep thinking about all of this? And absolutely ridiculous it’s true. So with altruism you have to think okay for the good of society for the good of man for the good of all mankind! They do this going forward knowing they will most likely get nothing in return perhaps they will enter a golden age for perhaps their crowning achievement is their civilization put to be realistic they really do it selflessly! the whole thing is is of course perhaps for legacy perhaps there’s a secret, there is something there’s an element of control involved. What else is there to do? When they found out that you could put your mind into the machine it was indeed a technology far removed from what we’re seeing today. It’s a very long story about how this all worked living forever in a transcendental plane, being an ethereal Galaxy ethereal being it takes a level of response to even hold on a minute with how ridiculous this system gets where it’s supposed to appear more human the whole point is they’re going to leave the planet over this and that is of course the goal living in space is most likely more affordable than living on Earth in many ways take people with you if you want but of course that’s crazy a lot of people are going to move on to the aircraft move into space and then just wait for going anywhere.

I’m sputum is supposed to be very helpful sputum clearance and everything about it right? Is it worth it? I never thought so. But I’ll keep going for a little while longer that’s what most of its balance as far as I know let’s see in the 80s or 90s they were going to begin clearing the automobile the car as a vehicle in the way of life because they were supposed to be moving into the airplane a lot of people did do that a lot of people spend a lot of time in the airplane before going to clear the car they cleared cigarettes are they both the car and cigarettes use a lot of carbon monoxide so that there is an air there’s a vapor there is a field within these items clearing carbon monoxide the entire time. For instance wrinkles when you sit in a smoky apartment your skin gets wrinkly when you sit in a car garage at a gas station in a car you would also be expected to get more wrinkly than not. Carbon monoxide is constantly in your eyes and in your nose and your ears in your hair it’s a gas that obviously is an entire ecology unto itself. So there’s more for one thing in space there wouldn’t be a lot of carbon monoxide ho ho ho ha ha yeah right! There’s probably more carbon monoxide in space. Everyone knows it’s more radioactive. Yes the Earth’s atmosphere blocks a lot of solar and Galactic background radiation with things like the ozone layer I’m in Space the entire machine is radioactive is dealing with a lot of radiation and I’m Interstellar interests seller that sort of thing so where does all this go well first of clear the cigarette the cigarette use the filter so all the additives all the ingredients with the tobacco gets rolled up with a cigarette filter that if you remember was spongy may have had a powder in it and if you smoked it was out of sight! The filter itself is why they tell you cigarettes are toxic. So what happens is the filter goes into your lungs at the same time the nicotine does so when they clear the filter it should clear all the nicotine perhaps toxic tissue surrounding it. Yes does filter is alien technology it involves voodoo human sacrifices there’s a cult the occult for instance. so if the clear the cigarettes you’re going to have circuits in your mind going to have an entire economy there there’s gangs of sputum clearance all of that just as much more subtle than to actually clearing the car. once they get to clearing a car it’s going to be like clearing the cigarette exempt much grander.

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