1984 Big Brother 404 day

I believe it’s snowing

We were in Minnesota because of the prospect of moving the national Capitol to there because of Minneapolis and St Paul being right there together. When I was there in 2003 I was over near the wedge and was astonished to see the no gun signs. Because of the urban blight Minnesota permits carrying handguns openly to protect the citizens from the black menace. Many of the trendy cafes had signs prohibiting fire arms on the premises because they welcome minority patrons. The people who want you to let minorities into the shop also probably want their employees to work for free. Fire arms are very common in that region in fact the entire crowd was armed today in case they did not let that guy go. They waited all morning before telling the crowd the new police chief is black there are you happy? The people hundreds of millions of them waiting through the region. The chaos erupted outside Civic center that is of course not the county courthouse and so therefore the wrong building when started demanding that they let him go and they were told he isn’t there. They firing into the air that is as bad as throwing stones. People were hit in the crowd all of them armed and short tempered millions died in insurgency.

They looted the wedge?
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