As the days of the disposable workforce fade…

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There could be a lot to learn from The ferguson effect: free people want free press. When the press goes down the top need to know or they might begin making decisions on faulty information so despite quid pro quo the intent is to tell the truth or at least what you believe to be true. There is still plenty of mud to eat for a lot of people nobody cares about. They should all be locked up if rehabilitation is an option otherwise weed them out if you can. Maybe ship them off to mars. The whole issue is as David Duke, Governor of Kentucky said is to send the Jews to Alaska and the Blacks back to Florida or the bottom of the ocean or wherever they came from. Nobody understands what some of them are still doing here. If they don’t like it leave. The days of the disposable workforce might already be a thing of the past. They could be behind us already.

Are these people who lost their jobs? They are unable to work at home? Anyway it looks like that does it for now. More to come with link.