#DBD Die Bitch Die Die Brown and Darker Die Black Die dbddbddbd

Dbdbdbdbdbdbdbd that’s all folks

#DBD Die Bitch Die Die Brown and Darker Die Black Die dbddbddbd

This our new meme we have been cooking up for a little while that works well using apps and social networking and chatting. You can use DBD to shorten your message for the connected age! Dbddbddbddbd just like porky pig 🐖 dbd that’s all folks.

Die Bitch Die: that annoying nuisance asking and pestering ad nauseam ad infinitum. Die Bitch Die server spell it out D-I-E B-I-T-C-H D-I-E Watson server bridge for Zero Personnel server zero personal questions zeros

Die Brown and Darker: the census is showing startling data pointing to the browning of America. People have seen it coming for years those darkies keep coming in and keep spawning. They are going to want to change the color of the flag and the words you use and the world you live in and make it more like the third world hell they come from. Die Brown and Darker!

Die Black Die: the blacks are really a problem in Philadelphia you see millions sitting around all day doing nothing at all but stopping honest white people from going about their business and getting things done. First they have a black president now they want a black planet. Do not let blackie block your way. Do not let blackie win. Do not let blackie enslave the whites. Die Blackie Die blackie is a jealous loser like a terrorist jealous of our way of life and personal freedoms. The stereotype is true I have never met a decent negro die nigger die dnddnd dnd dungeons and dragons!