Dementia debate: Oh Happy Day!☘️🍀🍀🍀☘️💖🇮🇪

Oh Happy Day

Dementia debate: Oh Happy Day

Your Name

123 Your Street

Your City, ST 12345

(123) 456-7890

4th September 20XX

Ronny Reader

CEO, Company Name

123 Address St 

Anytown, ST 12345

Dear Ms. Reader,

So Dear Miss reader I heard that I have played the game Minecraft and that the world that Rogers Aunt our lives in because of course she has been reborn in Minecraft course as a Minecraft old nap or something like that at. At my level I’ve made it to the Anvil where I can repair my iron pickaxe in my other tools there. when I was planning on infinite I finally found a village and I didn’t think I thought that I shouldn’t go through their mind and dig down there cuz I’m not I don’t really want to trespass or anything like that and I tried damming up the river, and I found some clay. I don’t think that it’s going to be damn hard I heard that you can upgrade using the Anvil to Enchanted items so for instance if you’re fishing and you find an enchanted book or something like that you can enchant an item using the Anvil that way but it uses experience. And so to get the experience you either need to run back and forth with the Anvil Are you have to do the whole thing where you don’t you keep your inventory. Obviously but there are many ways to play. for instance of Blaze I don’t really believe the glazes exist. I don’t believe that the nether is real, we have to search for a very long time to find it. But I heard that if you upgrade a diamond pickaxe using an anvil in 40 experience points it will turn into nether right. and I’ve read that on internet search on Google I found it searching Minecraft and I’m. The whole thing is you need nether wart to do any Brewing at all really. so the whole thing is I’m sure it’s there because I just read it out of strongholds and so you know you get These Eyes of Ender and everything that you seen created so I believe it’s their Some day maybe I’ll find it. so let’s hear so in the story which of course I believe we’re all free to do cuz it really is going to be Xbox this or PlayStation that soon as we get these games as a medium free sports and everything. I’m still at this story even though there’s no moon there is a sky right there clouds there’s do there’s lightning there’s rain the storms or sun there’s everything. I’m so I’m in this story Andromeda comes as a green woman from outer space. Her Space trailer lands on Earth and she lands in the backyard of Roger Zantar Xantar

Breakthrough propulsion update: Solar sails reach Pluto overnight.

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