Foundation of society crumble as crowd becomes cannibals📺🎵🇺🇸

Sick mother

The secret is they have broken taboos and are cannibals eating the flesh and blood of fresh rotten corpses. They drag a bag if bones with them to the protest demonstration rally eating the people next to them scratching their faces first and licking their sharp fingernails to taste the sweet blood if their next victim to show them who is boss! They are all starving it was worse than where they come from. The crowds were taking ears off to open the jaw and get the blood flowing. One of the plans is to get their cars to breakdown outside of the urban city centers those lazy assholes have never done anything like this before. They probably will just sit there until they die. The dried up corpses prove they died if thirst. Huffing and puffing in terror believing it is a contagious disease!

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