Insurgency ignite old coal plant near the water

Imagine that

The place was filled with museums. The new one for the blacks the African American history museum is designed to keep them there as is for generations if needed run like a puzzle through the walls at night with the agriculture exhibit. There is a coal plant near the water the insurgency was able to get running right away at least they had power. The American Indian history museum makes a great spot near the plant with view of the hill. Many bunkers and buildings to choose from. Last thing I heard was the plan was to put in a memorial to the permanently disabled veterans. The party began at the monument to Chinese totalitarianism that had expansion plans and spread throughout the Mall across-the-board to the war memorial and beyond into the city. Finally they were still there after about an hour or so they realize they are with a gang of hungry homeless war veterans with nowhere to go. The ones who can do. They leave if they can leaving disabled veterans who are abandoned and unable to go anywhere finally you find out how serious their problem is and you end up with a memorial right there in front of you

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