It was not the end of the world so no it was not on TV on television📺

In your face bitch! Now what are they going to do next? Sentencing is in a few minutes okay? They are going to have to sit tight and wait and see! They are focused on the South because the belief is that people want to see this shit go down like this somewhere. When she gets back home down there she does not know what she is going to say. They are all looking at some black guy and what he said, how did he get there? Reversing institutional racism in your face using women from another class and a foreign gang. You can see he was sentenced there to BuFu, he was not dragged out in to the street and hanged. The culture was getting ready for this after the LA riots the schools were shut down already the women do not have a calendar to tell time with. They buried their children in the walls and have moved on. Update: he was at home under house arrest doing video conferencing with a virtual trial and as you can see hanged himself when he found out he was guilty and likely to be sentenced to BuFu. – And of course he was not sentenced to BuFu

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