June 19, 2021 Juneteenth is the new federal holiday Americans are looking at right now💰🎵🇺🇸✨

Juneteenth is the new federal holiday Americans are looking at right now. It is known as freedom day and you can see a whole lot of pick a ninny running around throwing up dust and I believe it is not too late to get a hold of them especially if they think they can get by for free as lazy monkeys high life. One of the things you might want to talk about is if brown and darker are free now maybe you want to go ahead and leave maybe go somewhere else. If they want to do it again too and then ask for help with everything else for free does it look good for some people? Maybe the people who want you to let them into the country also want you to work for free.

For instance, maybe Texas does not want to do it? First thing they are all going to do is go to Houston. Now that Oracle is down there the whole place is going to be just like silicon valley. Intel will probably want to come along too. The whole thing is going to be just like California, right? The immigrants will have to work for free though just like there. Plus if Texas broke out into war over something like this, it is a war with the west not the south? It could be just like Pakistan, like the gulfs? It might even break down into Mad Max in some places. I believe it💰 It is not just crack happy, I mean chocolate for those people and a day off in June! Who knows maybe you can fit 1,000 its per room in some places.

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