March madness the antivirus software eats the virus particles

Where do I think they should move the capital? I do not know maybe port Townsend Washington? What is wrong with Washington DC? I heard that they burned down Baltimore and that Ferguson Mo was out of control a few years ago. I read in the national geographic 2020 almanac Kansas City is the geographic center of the continental United States and Dakota is the geographic center of the total 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. They should keep it near a river or giant lake if they are moving it inland.

Gold Dust

Toronto says yeah it’s okay with the poor black people to the South in Chicago. Mexico says yeah it’s okay with the rich people north in America.

Cool Japan

The problem is if the poor live to the north they are going to be able to come to your neighborhood in the twilight where they still need to find a place to stay for the night. It is all about the sun and how it sets in the west and is low in the south. When they all head south at night to Mexico they are going to run into Spanish people sneaking north at night and those are dirty wetbacks and illegal aliens ruining the country I love

Cool Japan

moving it to New York or LA or maybe to Denver or Indianapolis maybe even Delaware or cuba

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