Mass hysteria struck the common they were in the 🌞 sun!

Mass hysteria is when a large group enters psychosis together. The more transmissible variant is likely to become more deadly before vaccines matter. The entire crowd becomes contagious simultaneously drool! It is not just killing them with kindness and clearing sputum. You might not understand clearance is clearing clear wrinkles and worry lines like gray hair thinning hair and balding with an itchy dry scalp condition. Rigor mortis is a sputum condition, sputum is clogged sapped dry no more moist juice so defense contractors use a spray can to fix cuts and scrapes even bleeding out like maple syrup in the field. The casualties in the streets! The virus can turn them into zombies there on the ground flesh eating monsters hungry for brains. They have to pick up all there derelict cars on the side of the highway for the robot holocaust to get going. They have so many cars dipped in lead waiting for a LED headlight camera just to make it to the showroom floor but they are all dumb you need a new actuator or something else for the replacement battery part. They are going to skip giving everyone else a chance for a change at some point and grind them all up into powder.

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