The black fungus grows unchecked and makes a little crown formation known as the King

And yes it is all about the lung.

Yup you just inject bleach and ammonia or other cleaning products like fungicides and pesticide into your blood but one at a time and it could make up for and even even out all the drugs you stuck up your body organizing for the election you knew was coming up just not when.

The black fungus grows unchecked into a hill and turns white or something with a little crown on top and is called the king because something has happened to all the bugs and the queen who ate it. The first thing they do is put the spider in your Sputum because that will do it. The spider lady’s eggs and spins a web to catch all the bugs that make you itchy and tells you who you are. The nit respond by spreading its wings and learning to fly like a flea. It is like an arms race growing and shrinking changing size smaller or bigger until you feel them all over you body coming out of your eyes and ears and on your hair as well.

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