The black fungus is kept under control by a host and Queen

The two organisms fungus and insect form a dynamic homeostasis in the microbiome. The fungus grew and the bugs eat it like little farmers under your skin. Look at the African dung beetle! Entomologist and hobbits alike marvel at the ability of leaf cutters and ants to amaze the world.

The black fungus grows and grows and the bugs feast. The bugs also keep the fungus in check so it never piles up and gets out of control. A good Queen behind at an early age as a nit eating it’s egg mattress and neighboring siblings to become the biggest and best big in the hive. The queens nest puts out all the bugs in the niche so the all eat the fungus and live happily. If the fungus does not grow the bugs have a problem and who knows what they might do.

Black fungus take crowd by storm

When looking at these tropical diseases that are all insect borne like zoonotic disease with and animal vector that goes from reservoir to sink you get that a common pesticide could clear the bus but maybe not the disease because of a weird fungus that the big brought with it back from Moon and is growing in the desert.

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