The Doomsday vault is a seed store to preserve all life on Earth.

Done and dusted?

the Seed stores on a doomsday vault in the polls on the poles North and South Pole of Earth people went up in Norway and then I think there’s one down in Antarctica and those are there with all of the seeds of Life known on Earth from everything that was in your Miss initiative I remember hearing about it in 2007 and I heard it was completed that they were giant pyramids at the north and south pool and they have been stalked just in case there’s an existential crisis in the case that there has been an enormous loss on Earth and then agriculture has been doomed eventually is I believe it’s a pyramid assembles so pyramids builds beneath the mountain it is designed to come out and then I romped and release the seeds to Earth into the stratosphere you Lincoln and warm is plant it’s right now or you can just it’s a bank at the seed bank that you can just go to the one in Norway you can reach on land the one in Antarctica is very far away it’s for a new or Miss Ice Age I remember reading you know there was a huge discussion with a debate about how to Mark toxic land some of the toxic land of they’re talking about will be polluted for 30000 years that’s 30000.

That is a lot how do you mark that two people? You know it besides an enormous Brownfield or enormous desert how do you know that could be a different civilization?!!! I’m so they’re dealing with these Seed stores on it looks like they’re complete if all the ice were to melt that would be an enormous amount of water at the equator that would be bulging out changing the surface of Earth and slowing the planet down I believe that would leave to a wiggle or wobble they couldn’t eat flipper because of its kinetic energy the magnetic poles would also be flipping it would probably be only be temporary or transient perhaps for one Millennium meeting a thousand years it looks like the first Ice Age lonely be a thousand years long and then again there would be a second one that would then be ten thousand years song most likely were removing and erasing any memory of humanity somehow agriculture continues and where you wouldn’t believe how did agriculture stand the Ice Age there’s no way they have our culture like that perhaps there was a sentient Universe from Moon guiding our Matrix!

And I believe that’s important this is real new is and it’s something Billy to pay attention to just so you know count your lucky stars is he needs to know what’s going to happen I hope most of you locked out looks like you won the lottery! Jackpot.

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Looks like you guys got it all right now?. How you doing now? Good to see you.! And take care cuz there’s more coming to love you too bye bye

Doomsday vault