The N* ransomware and illiterate alien invasion space race to time race in a matter of minutes

For starters the whole thing is going to attract vermin! Buzzards wolves rodents and diseases. The group is eating itself or they were even though they all have aids now. But I mean piles of bones. Of course they were all buried in mass graves.The birds appeared to come out of nowhere. And they started to clean up the mess. By last summer is was like the 1860s Gettysburg and everything. So disease is likely. I remember seeing the photo of all of the bats. And I thought they were coming out of a bunker the routers discovered. A real plague of man. The covered the piles of bodies it was disgusting even though I wasn’t there so I cannot be sure it really happened.

The birds were feasting on the way home. They will never see that again in their lifetime, right? So they will be expected to eventually starve and spread disease like viruses and parasites. A real ecology a real response to stress. That was all last year leading to the election and what’s going on now is a joke.

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