4 Million dead in mayhem


4 million dead today on Hennepin avenue

The crowd assembled before nightfall on Easter throughout the twin cities filling fields and graveyards and any other openings for the families of the marches. Estimates topped 500 million screaming brown pigmies and their brood. Before the day was done 4 million lay dead on the streets surrounding the Minneapolis Civic center where the real disaster ensued.

As the March unfolded. One of the participants commented that the adhoc murals we’re beginning to resemble 1984 and Orwell s big brother. A menacing stereotype of an evil figure. The organizers had been neutralized earlier but the crowd was undaunted. When I was there in the 80s at Thomas Jefferson elementary school two little black girls stole my toy my dad had come back from Japan with. When I told the teacher they had taken it from cubby and I had the stand to prove it she looked and said that I know they both live in a locker in the hall and survive on koolaid powder by the way she was jealous as well she wanted to see the silver plastic ball that folds into a teradactle my brought me from Japan and she told me to go lay down in the closet and learn to read by myself. I learned to hate black that day. I will never forget that. They are too different and do not deserve to be propped up like this. I had already recommended to the Pentagon they should release LSD to the crowds 1) to calm them down 2) to scare them away and 3) to find their leader. The LSD doses were making their way around without any luck of dispersing the gang. What a crowd Gustav Le Bon eat your heart out. My new recommendation to destroy their challenge to world order was to release PCP that would show them. Clearance would expose their hippocracy any government that comes to power through violence with be forced to use violence to stay in power. They destroyed two cities today it looks like Africa now. 

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