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Here is the drug page check it out. I like reading about drugs and trying them. This is for information purposes only and does not condone illegal drug use or illegal activity. Here are some links to some drug pages I like to visit in my free time that tell you how to use drugs safely and all about the drugs and drug effects.

Drugs.net and erowid.org

Deoxy.org mirrors: https://www.tedwilliams.co/2021/01/01/Deoxy-Mirror/ https://www.jacobsm.com/deoxy/deoxy.org/deoxy.htm

LSD blotter art

Legal highs


Ethenol is a wonderful substance, acts as a dissociative where you might not remember things you did when drunk or vice versa. Liquid dehydration from liquor like whiskey, beer or wine. 🍻 🍷


You take a whole box and stay awake not sleepy and like LSD but not so scary

Cough medicine:

Take the gel tabs without aspirin or Tylenol and it is awesome like being drunk but trippy


An over the counter decongestant for snorting that is like MDMA sort of like a bath salt.


Grind whole cloves and mix with a milkshake it made me really thirsty a lot like MDMA


Good for eating and Smoking as well as vaping speedy high very contemplative also habit forming.


Leafy green bud makes you hungry really really high clearly psychedelic


I got .5 grams from www.JLFcatalog.com and used it in my vaporizer for years really amazing lasts like 15 minutes. Snorting is almost better it makes people look like aliens.

San Pedro:

San Pedro is really gross as a drink and not really worth it. I got .5 pounds of dried skin and ate half of it in NYC it was trippy not intense though, it must have lasted for three weeks.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds:

These were from an online seller I got like 16 seeds from an online seller and ground then up in a coffee grinder and put them in my tongue for about 15 minutes before spitting them out and it was trippy like microdots all night. I took caffeine along with it as well and that might have helped keep me up enjoying spiral trails into infinity.


A phenethylamine I got 2 grams from JLFcatalog.com actually intense better than mescaline like LSD and MDMA or something.

Synthetic cannabinoids and research chemicals:

JWH 018 etc might banned for now but K2, Funky Monkey, Monkey Dream, Zensense, Black Diamond, Scooby Snacks, all were some serious smoke for a while, I like that they are less expensive than the natural THC and CBD. Also much more exciting than the regular high maintenance of recreational marijuana.


Very exotic smoked like LSD. I smoked some in Boston Common and it was like winning on a gameshow! The real world or something where the trees caved in around me and formed a 🎪 circus tent 😀. It turned out to be a fart joke.


I think most of the blotter paper I tried was actually Ice. It can last 36 hours and one time my hands turned purple for an hour or two! Cool🙂

Illegal Drugs


I have only tried it a couple of times people kept stealing my stash. Like being in a movie theater.


Cool I like the tea, mixing it with fresh ginger and rosemary in a french press hot water not boiling, trippy.


I got a dime of meth from a homeless person down at the Gateway in SF in exchange for a prepaid flip phone. I had never tried it before I put the crystal powder on a cigarette and on some prerolls and mixed some in with salted caramel coffee and drank a bunch of beer. It was like the coffee sort of, I walked up to Haight Ashbury again and looked around to see if anyone wanted to fly back to Maine with me. I stood there all day at the corner yelling and waving my arms like an idiot. Meth is not allowed on Haight street but talked to some of the people I met anyway.

E Ecstasy Molly MDMA:

I got to try it once it was not intense but warm and colorful.