Controversy mounts over global change of pace

The touch they are clearing is paper now that the world is going digital workflow. Asia is mostly a rice economy, yes manufacturing as well as R&D but they do rice not wood in most of the region so the paper would be made from rice not trees.

BBQ City

Africa has never understood food and agriculture that well but they do have trees in some places and you can get them to sit down and eat wood and crap out paper in some cases. Using slow food brainwashing Asia was able to understand the secrets of crappy paper and mix the rice in and the wood out. The touch of their skin can give you shivers and chills as bugs come to cool off and climb in to warm up or vice versa. They still think like animals out there. One time I read about an African chicken farm and maybe they send the chickens to Asia as well making one big hot ghetto mess made for the microwave often that manages to heat the hotness in minutes. The whole thing does not taste like cardboard at all, this is the modern age it is hot and spicy like real Chinese food cum of some young guy.

I like to eat lunch

The young lady got herpes from her take out and the doctor found seven different types of sperm in it. Remember that? What is wrong with fast food anyway?

Mmmm good

The new movement could be known as postmodernism here, call it whatever you like you know? It means no history no historical reference just like all of the news today made just for me.

Yuck look at that gang, I like to think they do not know me
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