International sex workers week

international sex workers week includes May day, my mother and sister’s birthday, 503 day, Star Wars day, Cinco de mayo, and Mother’s day. It is an international celebration linked to the old may day parades of communism commemorating the end of snowfall in the north and the resumption of production and enterprise. The military marches through the streets showcasing their latest and greatest developments! Many show up to turn a profit buying and selling the guns tanks and missiles the military has working on all winter to keep the snow at bay and life as normal. In many cases workers have shown up looking for party members or friends and family feared lost over the dark months. There is a new meeting and order is retained. These days the times here and abroad may be changing. I remember years ago noticing those idiots are celebrating May day as a communist holiday here in the states. It was Chinese and Mexican women walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk. They are sex workers released from harems for the year out to make a living meeting any John they might pass on the street corner. A couple years ago they were all wearing masks like surgical face masks or dust masks from the hardware stores they live under in the city.

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