Tigers milk and licked food stuffs great and famine at the super market

Another thing about milk is off you notice not just all the drool and Sputum and sperm and smegma but pee meaning urine a lot of egg and as you see cat milk and urine. I noticed it when I went to the milk kids house that time. He have a tour and there were cars everywhere some locked in the basement others in the kids apartment it was disgusting they kittens one time I will never forget the smell and I taste it sometimes when I drink milk to this day. And of course it’s because real cows milk still has lactose in it and not most of the world including N* is still lactose intolerant. 

I was vegan for a decade in and around college and none of this has anything to do with that. Animal rights of anything. I believe in white hegemony and I was raised to believe milk is good for you strong bones and teeth calcium and all of those vitamins. I still drink it obviously even after hearing that they you semen and sperm from the high school football team to give it that flavor so the girls love it. They have a stainless steel drum with some poor schlubs head in it where they let it sit for a while before for putting it into milk boxes at the elementary school for the kids. As you see it is made of people everything is. They have to lick it so much again for Sputum Clearance. Only now N* is unhappy they know their lives do not matter. If you keep telling them that they might go crazy and the food could get weird. Today it was so weird it was N* here and N* there. One came near me like a dog and I said watch it N* don’t come near me! It was crazy he made to fight. This was at the super market and I shouted get away N*! They really should go away. Who knows what they are doing out here any way probably still about eating natives.

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